Previous grants

Optogenetic Dissection of Brain Circuits that Determine Temporal Stability of Aversive Memories.
Type of Grant: type ID PICT (2015-2609).
Funding Institution: National Agency for Promotion of Science and Technology, Argentina (ANPCyT).
Role: PI.
Period: 2016-2017.

Synaptic plasticity at the Globus Pallidus-Lateral Habenula synapses in depressive disorders.
Type of Grant: Young Investigator Award.
Funding Institution: Brain & Behavior Young Research Foundation (formerly NARSAD).
Role: PI.
Period: 2016-2018.

Lateral Habenula as a Gateway for Memory Persistence.
Type of Grant: International Research Collaboration, CONICET-NIH.
Funding Institution: CONICET.
Role: PI.
Period: 2014-2016.

Electrophysiological Basis of Circadian Activity in the Lateral Habenula and its Relationship to Memory Persistence.
Type of Grant: type IB PICT (2012-1931).
Funding Institution: ANPCyT.
Role: PI.

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