Publicaciones 2007/2008

-Grüter, C., Arenas*, A. and Farina, W. M. (2008): Does pollen function as a reward for honeybees in associative learning? Insectes Sociaux 55, 425-427 (*First co-author).

-Arenas, A. Fernandez, V. M. and Farina, W. M. (2008): Floral scents experienced within the colony affect long-term foraging preferences in honeybees. Apidologie 39, 714–722.

-Arenas, A. and Farina, W. M. (2008): Age and rearing environment interact in the retention of early olfactory memories in honeybees. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 194, 629-640.

-Arenas, A., Fernández V. M. and, Farina, W. M. (2007): Floral odor learning within the hive affects honeybees’ foraging decisions. Naturwissenschaften 94, 218-222.

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