Publicaciones 2012

-Balbuena M. S., Arenas, A., and Farina, W.M. (2012): Floral scents learned inside the honeybee hive have a long-lasting effect on Recruitment. Animal Behaviour 84, 77-83.

-Arenas, A., and Farina, W.M. (2012): Honeybee pollen collecting: learned floral cues affect foraging preferences. Animal Behavior 83, 1023-1033.

-Farina, W. M., Grüter, C. and Arenas, A. (2012): “Olfactory information transfer during recruitment in honeybees,” in Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior: A Tribute to Randolf Menzel, eds C. G. Galizia, D. Eisenhardt, and M. Giurfa (Dordrecht; Heidelberg; London; New York: Springer), 89–102. -Arenas, A., Giurfa, M., Sandoz, J. C., Hourcade, B., Devaud, J. M. and Farina, W. M. (2012): Early olfactory experience induces structural changes in the primary olfactory center of an insect brain. European Journal of Neuroscience 35, 682–690.

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