Publicaciones 2013

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-Arenas A, Ramírez G, Balbuena MS, Farina WM (2013). Behavioral and neural plasticity caused by early social experiences: the case of the honeybee. Frontiers in Physiology . 4:41.doi: 10.3389/fphys.2013.00041. Review article.

-Scheiner R, Abramson CI, Brodschneider R, Crailsheim K, Farina WM, Fuchs S,Grünewald B, Hahshold S, Karrer M, Koeniger G, Koeniger N, Menzel R, Mujagic S, Radspieler G, Schmickl T, Schneider C, Siegel AJ, Szopek M, Thenius R (2013). Behavioral protocols for honey bees. In: The COLOSS BEEBOOK: standard methodologies for Apis mellifera research. (Ed. By V ietemann, JD Ellis, P Neumann). Journal of Apicultural Research, 52(4): Review article

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